Recoover | What is Recoover?
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What is Recoover?

With Recoover your guests will be happy retrieving their forgotten belongings easily while your hotel minimizes the accumulation of lost objects.

Easy, fast and free (*)

Recoover is a free service which contact you with the hotel or accommodation, where have you been lodge, to inform them about your forgotten belongings in your stay.


Once the hotel identifies your lost personal belongings, they emailing you and then you can choose between different ways to recover it.


You have the option to recover it directly in the hotel by yourself or any other person you have authorized or even if you prefer you could receive it by courier.


If you decide no retrieve it, you will be play a part in sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.


(*) If you choose receive your forgotten belongings by courier, the hotel will inform you about extra fee if it implies an additional cost.

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